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Mary, Mother of God pray for us (2009)Angel of God (2010)Jesus, Son of God  (2010)Angel (2009)Suffering Christ (2010)Welcome Home (2011)Let your Light shine! (2011)Emmanuel, God is with us (2011)Mary, Mother of God, pray for us (2012)He heals the broken-hearted (2012)And I, when I am lifted up (2012)God's glory at dawn! (2011)Second Coming of Christ (2011)Breathe on me breath of God (2012)Bright Angel of God! (2012)By your cross and resurection (2012)Dawn on snow - how beautiful are your works O Lord! (2012)Crucified Feet of Jesus (2012)Praise the Lord all you nations! (2012)And He was called Jesus (2012)Loved by God! (2012)Sacred Heart of Jesus (2012)Revive, Refresh, Renew! (2012)Do not be afraid (2012)Yet another will write on the hand "The Lord's" (2012)Bring my sons from far away and my daughters from the end of the earth (2013)Sunrise on fields (2012)Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man (2013)Everyone who thirst, come to the waters (2013)Pour over me! (2012)Good Friday (2013)Entering the courts of the Lord (2013)You show me the path of life (2013)Jesus, Light of the World (2013)The Assumption of Mary into Heaven (2014)Mary, Queen of Heaven (2014)Choirs of angels (2013)I, the Lord of sea and sky (2014)Saviour, save me!Be still before the Lord (2014)Pentecost! (2015)Out of the depths (2014)Hosanna! (2014)Son of the Most High (2015)The Mysteries of the Rosary (2015)The Annunciation (2015)Lift up your hearts to the Lord! (2015)I am with you always (2016)Lord, save me! (2015)Gloria! (2016)All Saints! (2016)Holy Communion (2016)Angel (2016)Easter Joy! (2017)Heart of Mary (2017)HailMary!Light of the worldDo not let your hand be closed!Peace on earth!The Prodigal SonGoing ForthLord, You have been our refugeFrom His fullness we have all received, grace upon graceAll nations shall fall prostrate before you O LordCome to me all you who are overburdened“I am the light of the world”“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”Come to the table of the LordRiversRain cloudsCOVID -19Light of the World (2020)Guardian Angel with sleeping childAngels of God surround usThe conversationVirgin and ChildGlorious Risen ChristMay your love be upon us O Lord!Three AngelsJesus, Hope of the WorldCome, Holy Spirit!Death, and Life...Holy Child JesusI love you Lord (1)I love you Lord (2)Peace on earth (2)